Vergangenheit – Gegenwart – Zukunft


The origin of the history lies in the year ‘98 as two normal boys which liked to go from time to time to parties crossed there ways at the Straße E. They had seek and found each other, but had lost track of each other. Not until two years later they met again on a non-legal techno-party on which Ta-Lar spinned his records. The “F-D-M-Team” consisting of Jest, B.K. And Ta-Lar. They arranged several (il)legal open airs in the area of Freiberg. At this time joined Mistral the team. After a long search and overcoming of bureaucracy they finally in December 2001 had the rental contract for the old train-station Halsbrücke in hands. The “F-D-M-Team” turned into “Old-Bahnhof-Crowd” and by this way the club achieved his name. On 16.02.2002 took place the opening, which had been long longed for. As popular clubs have always there own label we did not want to rank behind. 2003 we founded the belonging Oldbahnhofcrowd-Records label. The first release “Ta-Lar – Bratzeln in der Box E.P. started with some barriers in June 2003 followed by the CD-Compilation “2 Years Hardtechno from East Germany” to our 2 years club existence 2004. Afterwards there came silence with Oldbahnhofcrowd-Records. Not until 2007 there was again a release: “O.S.R. – Zweisam – Wir gehen durch den Wald”. A farewell present to the train station, which had to close its gates on 28.06.2007. It will be always the prime father of the the label and basic idea.